Primefaces : The commandLink, commandButton, nothing was invoking my actions or my actionListeners in the backend. It happens only when I call inside of the my tree or treeTable . How resolve this ?

It’s easy ! You need set true the attribute expand of the yours nodes and parents. Example :

public TreeNode makeTree()
      MyObject myFatherObject = new MyObject();
      // The first Node in the tree 
      TreeNode root = new DefaultTreeNode(myFatherObject, null);
      TreeNode nodeRoot = new DefaultTreeNode(myFatherObject, root);
      TreeNode node = new DefaultTreeNode(holding, nodeRoot);

      // The node sun of the above  
      MyObject mySunObject = new MyObject();
      TreeNode sunNode = new DefaultTreeNode(
                                       mySunObject , 

      return root;


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