[Tips] – Challenges for developers to improve themselves, to trainee and to prove their skills

You can learn and improve yourself doing this challenges for developers. Also, you can  use these challenges to prove your skills and achieve better positions in the labor market.




In this website you can find lessons and challenges for developers, and if you do a good job a can find a better positions in the labor market.

Lessons :




In this website you can find a lot of challenges :


You can learn new skills, improve your code and have a contact with the community.



Test your skills VS friends, co-workers and companies. Join a community of 300,000 devs!



Improve your skills by training with others on real code challenges.


Here you can find puzzles and challenges with games problems. Really nice and funny way to improve your skills.


A lot of companies are using this website to evaluate the skills of the candidates for your opportunities. You can find here a lot of challenges to improve, to training and to prove your skills.
This website is really nice with you want improve and trainee your ability to solve a logical and mathematical problems. If you are looking for one way to be better in solve problems and build a algorithms in a better way, this is the place.
Checkio is website where you can improve and prove your skills. Here you will solve a lot of problems in a interactive game.

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