[Java] – Spring and dateformatter

We will perform it in our application configuration class(AppWeb Configuration), so that we don’t need to keep repeating this date setting on all the attributes of other system classes.

We will create a new method called mvcDataFormatterConverterService that returns a  FormattingConversionService type object. We need to do two things in this method:

  • We need to create a DefaultFormattingConversionService type object that will be responsible for format conversion service;
  • Create an object of type DateFormatterRegistrar that will make the date format of the record used for the conversion.

In this example, we want formatter the date in day/moth/year (dd/MM/yyyy).

public FormattingConversionService mvcDataFormatterConverterService(){
    DefaultFormattingConversionService conversionService = 
                               new DefaultFormattingConversionService();
    DateFormatterRegistrar formatterRegistrar = 
                               new DateFormatterRegistrar(); 
    formatterRegistrar.setFormatter(new DateFormatter("dd/MM/yyyy")); 
    return conversionService; 

Now, we will implement the entity like:

public class MyClass {
    private Calendar myDate;

Look our form (jsp file):

My Date name="myDate" type="text" /> path="myDate" />

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