Women Techmakers: Make your passion

This don’t means that women want benefits or advantages, it is the opposite of this they only want equal positions and respect. This kind of programs and incentive are required, because, although the number of women have been increased considerably in the area of science and technology, in many cultures and places in the world woman are not encouraged and they are suppressed by opter by this choice.

I can speak for myself, I grew up and I live in a culture where usually women are not encouraged to be independents or work in this kind of areas. However, this has been changing a lot over the last years.

Also, I’ll share here something that happened to me on my last vacation in this year. This fact shows for us the need about speak for women that they can do it. Unfortunately, believe in me it still required in 2016.

I was in a hostel in Amsterdam when an Italian guy asked me what is my job, after I answered for he that I’m Software Engineer he opened his eyes, fransil the forehead and told me: “but it’s not a right professional for woman”. Now, do you understand this need ?

This video has inspired me and I hope that inspires you.


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