[Tips] – UI – Material Design useful resources

Material Design is a standard and guideline to create a design for mobile applications. If you will develop a mobile application you should use it to define the design of your application. Follow it to ensure the usability and a good experience for the users of your application.

To find the correct combination of colours and icons




Colour Tool


To find and download icons


Material Components to use


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  1. Short but nice stuff here, I’ll take a look to see if I manage to solve a problem that I’m facing in a Spike that I wrote using Meteor and Material Design, I was using this documentation do develop my stuff http://materializecss.com/ but after building the Node package it brakes, I changed the version to a previous one materialize@=0.97.7 and it worked for that problem but I have lots of remaining ones.
    Thanks for sharing your references


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