[OpenShift] – Installing and running Minishift (OpenShift single node) into a Mac with VirtualBox

Minishift provides an easy way to install and startup an OpenShift single node fast. Following the basic steps to do it into the Mac OSX.


To install

$brew cask install minishift

To update (latest stage version of Minishift)

$brew cask install --force minishift

To start on VirtualBox

$minishift start --vm-driver=virtualbox


   OpenShift server started.
   The server is accessible via web console at:

   You are logged in as:
       User:     developer
       Password: developer

   To login as administrator:
       oc login -u system:admin

To stop

$minishift stop

NOTE: It is possible to be installed and used via xhyve (default) instead of VirtualBox. In this way, to start using it just execute the command`$minishift start`. For further information check Minishift Quickstart.


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