[OpenShift] – Why the oc command line is not working in my Minishift local installation? How to install oc tool for Minishift?

The Minishift installation has the oc tool by default already and it is not required be download and/or installed. In order to use it is required just do the following setup.

Run the command : $minishift oc-env

PS.: The Minishift needs to be started.

Then, the following output will appear.

# Run this command to configure your shell:

# eval $(minishift oc-env)

Now, to be able to use the oc tool in the shell terminal just run the following command as explained in the above output.

eval $(minishift oc-env)

For further information see <https://docs.openshift.org/latest/minishift/command-ref/minishift_oc-env.html>.

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