[Ansible] – How to work with errors? How to ignore and or create conditionals to fail?

Ignore errors

To ignore errors use the attribute ignore_errors as the following example.

- name: be sure ntp is installed
    name: ntp
    state: installed
  ignore_errors: yes

Force continue

For don’t stop the execution when an error is faced the attribute force_handlers can be used. Following an example.

hosts: all
force_handlers: yes
 - name: web server is enabled
     name: httpd
     enabled: true

Conditional to fail

By the attribute, failed_when is possible to force the playbook stop/fail when some conditional occurs. Following an example.

  - shell: /usr/local/bin/myshell.sh
    register: shell_result
    failed_when: "'Not found' in shell_result.stdout"

For further information see the Error Handling In Playbooks documentation.

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