Why is not safe to use confidential data in the containers environment variables?


Remember that containers are just a “process”. Then, it means that the values of the environment variables can be found in the virtual-filesystem /proc for users which maybe should not have access to it. Following an example to illustrate this idea.

NOTE: If, the above info is not clear enough I’d recommend you check the blog post Understanding containers in 15 minutes


Let’s imagine create a Kubernetes Pod resource where the secret values with the USERNAME and PASSWORD will be informed as ENV VARIABLE like follows.

      - name: USERNAME
            name: mysecret
            key: username
      - name: PASSWORD
            name: mysecret
            key: password

Then, the values used to create the ENV VARIABLES can be found by doing the below steps in a Linux SO.

# get the CONTAINER ID of this pod
$ docker ps | grep <pod-name>

# check the process of this container
$ docker top <CONTAINER ID>

# check the env values by using the PID
$ sudo cat /proc/<PID>/environ

CONCLUSION: Unless the environment variables of your containers are encrypted, these values will not be safe since they could be checked as described above.

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