How to kill the kubectl proxy?

error: listen tcp bind: address already in use

It means that; the process is running and using the port. So, I assume that you are here because you are looking for how to close/kill it to be able to re-run the command `kubectl proxy`. Am I right? Following the steps.

  1. Get the process:
$ ps aux | grep kubectl
camilamacedo      1549   0.0  0.1  5053188  25152 s000  T     3:47pm   0:02.31 kubectl proxy
camilamacedo      4020   0.0  0.0  4287536    884 s000  S+    4:45pm   0:00.01 grep kubectl
  1. kill the process:
$ kill -9 1549
[1]   Killed: 9               kubectl proxy
  1. now it will work
$ kubectl proxy
Starting to serve on

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