Learning Docker from Hello exercise

If you are looking for to learn Docker, following a hello exercise to help you with it.

  • Let’s create a test file:

$ cat myfile.txt

Hello world !!

  • Now, let’s create an our Dockerfile which defines our image

 $ cat Dockerfile 

FROM ubuntu:18.04

COPY myfile.txt ${HOME}/myfile.txt

ENV MYTEST=”worked”

  • Then, the following command will build our image:

docker build . -t docker-demo:0.0.1

  • Now, check our image due running with:

docker run -it docker-demo:0.0.1 bash

See that the myfile.txt was copied from our local machine to the docker image by executing $ ls as the env was created due $echo $MYTEST.

After that, see the following posts for a further understanding:

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