Amazing new plugins that can help you a lot develop your Operators built for Kubebuilder in the Google Summer Code Program 2022 by the students.

It is a fantastic program. (More info). Therefore, I’d like to share my great experience attending this program as a mentor and having the chance to see students go through a lot of growth and learning, which revigorated me. Each student worked on doing a plugin for the Kubebuilder project to add additional features that have been helping a lot the community.

The idea behind be Mentor was that I was able to giving back and contributing to them, no matter how minimal that might be, towards positive feelings that are hard to put into words. I’d defenilly recommend to anyone looking for iniciatives like that.

Also, I’d like to publish here their amazing work because they deserved all KUDOS !!! Both features can help you a lot!

Deploy Image plugin

This plugin allows users to scaffold API/Controllers to deploy and manage an Operand (image) on the cluster following the guidelines and best practices. It abstracts the complexities of achieving this goal while allowing users to customize the generated code. 

Author: @Nikhil Sharma (

Demonstration in the Kubebuilder Community Meeting

🚀 To know more about

Grafana Plugin

This plugin scaffolds Grafana manifest (in JSON format) to allow you to check out the default metrics exported by projects using controller-runtime and/or your own custom metrics.

Author: @TianYi(Tony)  (

Demonstration in the Kubebuilder Community Meeting

Also, see the demonstration of the additional achievement to allow the plugin work with custom metrics

🚀 To know more about

If you would like to provide suggestions and/or report problems, please do not hesitate to raise an issue in the Kubebuilder repository. 

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