How to install Minikube with UI in the MacOsX?

You may face issues when you try to follow up the official documentation because by default it will try o use VirtualBox then following a quick start to help you install it easily.

NOTE:  The latest versions of VirtualBox are not working with MacOSx.  

After following those steps then you should have a Minikube installation running locally with a UI via the HyperKit Hypervisor. You probably have it already, however, before continuing check if it is installed locally by running the following command. If not, please just install it as a prerequisite.

hyperkit -h

Installation Steps

  • Install the kubectl command by

$ brew install kubectl

NOTE: See the official doc.

  • Install Minikube  by running:

 brew cask install minikube

  • Then, start  the Minikube with:

 minikube -v 100 start --vm-driver hyperkit

  • Now, let’s install the UI by running:

kubectl apply -f

NOTE: For more info, see here the official doc with this step.

  • Run in the shell the following command to start the UI

kubectl proxy

  • Before continue, you will need a user to have access to it. Just follows the steps described here to apply the ServiceAccount and ClusterRoleBinding and obtain the Token via another shell. See that you should get a token which will be required to log in UI in the next step
  • Now you can access the UI via the following URL and the token obtained.


Screenshot 2019-09-26 at 10.39.52

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