Using catalogue locally with Minikube

The goal of this post is to be a quick start for you install in your Minikube and/or Kubernetes cluster the Operator Lifecycle Manager. OLM is part of the Operator-Framework, and by using it, we can easily install Operators projects in our clusters.  See the available catalogue in

All operators available in the will be accessible via the default installation which we will be covered by the following steps.

NOTE: As a prerequisite, you need have access to a Kubernetes cluster. If you are using a MacOsX SO see how to install Minikube on it, if you are using any other SO then you can follow up the official documentation.

Installation Steps

  1. Run the steps from the scripted install in the OLM release
  2. Clone locally the Operator Lifecycle Manager.
  3. Then, run the commandmake run-console-local inside of the root dir of this project. This command will output the URL for you have access to OLM and its catalogue as follows.

Screenshot 2019-09-26 at 11.16.17.png



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