How to Getting Started develop Go Operators from scratch? How to start? What are the first steps?

image-postThe goal of this post is to help you to know how to develop Golang Operators using Operator Framework as faster as possible. We are assuming here that you are entirely new in all stack to achieve this go.  So, we would like to recommend 3 steps to cover the main concepts and ideas and give you a good base to move forward in your Journey.

1. Kubernetes

The first step is to understand the basic Kubernetes concepts and have it installed and configured in your development environment. So, follow up the blog post  How to getting started with Kubernetes?.

2. Getting Started with Go Operators

Watch the Movies:

  • Watch in sequence the following movies. These movies will bring a better idea about what problems you would be able to solve with and how. 

Follow the Steps:

3. Developing your first Golang Operator

Now, let’s try to create a new project from scratch attending any need that you may have or please you to walk through overall steps and learn by the problems that you will face to achieve it.

tipsTo help you to achieve this goal, see the project Dev4Devs PostgreSQL Operator which is opensource and was built by trying to persuade the good programming practices. Also, note that this project is integrated with OLM and is available in the as in OpenShift Catalogue. Another option to learn more definitely would be to contribute with preexistence Operator projects as well. So, please, feel free to help and to contribute with.

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