How to getting started with Kubernetes?


From where do I start learning Kubernetes? How to learn Kubernetes?

Following the steps that I’d like to recommend to you if you are  100% new in Kubernetes.

First of all

Following the guide which can be found in the Kubernetes official website. By following it you will use Katacoda and will not be required to install nothing locally.

Set up a local environment with Minikube

It is very easy to install the Minikube to start to work in a development/local environment with Kubernetes. See here the how to install it in the official docs. Also, may you would like to check the post How to install Minikube with UI in the MacOsX?

NOTE: If you are looking for a multi-cluster Kubernetes environment then use kubeadm.

Next Steps

Following the next tutorials that I’d like to recommend.

Now, we can say that you have an idea of the basic usage and you are prepared to continue your journey.

NOTE: Please, feel free to check the related blog posts by searching for the Kubernetes tag.

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