[JS] – Understand Webpack

What is Webpack ?

“Webpack” compile files in another. Also, it is similar; Make, Grunt, Gulp, Browserify or Brunch.


Why use Webpack?

  • To compile all files and win performance;
  • To replace Make, Grunt, Gulp, Browserify or Brunch
  • To handle tasks, such as linting, building, or developing your project

+ More information: https://webpack.js.org/get-started/why-webpack/

How to set up a Webpack in my application ?

Video suggestion: Getting Started With React, Babel and Webpack

Official Getting Started pagehttps://webpack.js.org/get-started/

How to debug a NodeJS with Webpack ?

You will need source maps. The following is a video which will help you understand it.

Check the DevTool Documentation: https://webpack.js.org/configuration/devtool/

WebPack Official Data

+ Official Site: https://webpack.github.io/

+ API 2.0: https://webpack.js.org/concepts/

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